Infinity Bright Orange With Gold Modern Art Abstract Painting

Philip Bowman: “Infinity – Bright Orange”

Modern abstract fine art, painted traditionally by hand. The original painting by Philip Bowman has sold but this beautiful elegant design is now available as print on different items at our store! Philip Bowman has been working since several years as a self-represented artist in Berlin, Germany. Numerous of his paintings are part of international and private collections such as the Press collection in Hannover, ntv Berlin, Gesutra GmbH, Unilever, Constantin Medien Berlin. Exhibitions at Kunsthaus Tacheles (Berlin) and the well-known art markets at “Strasse des 17. Juni” and Museum Island Berlin. All of his original artwork is handmade, and materials such as leaf gold, copper and silver are used in an innovative way, thus rendering a special, individual touch to the paintings.
Beautiful artistic decorative abstract modern fine art painting.